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Be Social On Your Terms!

Whether you are a ‘Follow Me Foodie‘ blogging your adventures in Vancouver’s food  mecca, or a ‘A Style Spy‘ tweeting the best deals you  find around town or a ‘Fresh Local Wild‘ fan following the location of the street food cart – you can know it all with Gwibber!

Now you can cut out log-ins to multiple social networking sites, end the barrage of  incessant ads trying to divert your attention and eliminate ‘wasted’ time looking for feeds.

Gwibber’s clean and simple window allows you to have a social networking experience that matches your needs.  You can now take back control by filtering, searching and customizing Gwibber. Best of all, if you are an Ubuntu 10.04+ user – Gwibber is the default social client application – you are just an ‘envelope’ click away!

Can something so small be so good? See for yourself with Master Social Networking with Gwibber Documentation and get back to a being social on your terms!

If you have any feedback about the documentation, please post to Launchpad – Gwibber User Guide.


3 thoughts on “Be Social On Your Terms!

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