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Are You an Email User Under Siege?

“Introducing Mary, an Email User Under Siege!

Mary is an email user with a problem. She has three email accounts, each with hundreds of email messages, and every day Mary receives dozens of new messages. She is suffering from ’email overload’! Mary tries to keep up to the barrage of email, but checking multiple email accounts for new mail, and then deciding what is important and what isn’t, seems to take all her time. Unlike ‘snail mail’, email may save trees, but the forest has sprung up in her Inbox.

Mary needs help!”

-Excerpt from Tame your Email with Thunderbird

We’ve come a long way since the days of single email address. When I hear friends saying I dread opening my inbox or I hate checking and responding to emails – there is just too much of it!

We thought there must be a way to give email users their sanity and time back. Enter Thunderbird! Upon quick glance is appears to be just ‘another’ email management app. Behind that simple interface is a power house of time saving tips and tricks to give you back control of your email. Don’t think so? Well see for yourself! Here are few guides to turn you into an email warrior!

Currently running Ubuntu? Want some help with setting up your Thunderbird account? This is the guide for you – Getting Started with Thunderbird 3.1

Already running Thunderbird? Want to be more email savvy? This is the guide for you – Taming your Email with Thunderbird 3.1

Kudos to Jim McCullough , Randall Ross, Mozilla Messaging Team and UVLC


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