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In Response – Ubuntu Slogan

Thank you everyone for all your wonderful comments and suggestions. Rather than trying to respond to each of you individually I thought it would be easier to post a general response incorporating all the ideas and suggestions made.

First off, I realized that I should clarify that after saying the slogan to a person the next thing I immediately say is check out our website for more details. The concept of Ubuntu is just to complex and a slogan’s purpose at this point is to just peak the person’s interest enough to get them to our LoCo site.

Taking the time to create a slogan is all fine and dandy but if I don’t have a means to measure whether or not the slogan and marketing is effective we won’t be able to say with any certainty that yes this works and no that doesn’t work.

For Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo we are going to use the following to measure the effectiveness of our marketing efforts:
A) Was there an increase in the number of hits to our site
B) What percentage of that turn into sign ups
Note: The sign up process asks a new member how they heard about Ubuntu so we have an indicator where they found us.

Below I have assimilated all the ideas and comments. My goodness it was much more than expected!

Suggested Slogans

Ubuntu. Complexity Forgotten.
Ubuntu. Take Control
Ubuntu. It just works.
Ubuntu. Do what you do.
Ubuntu. Life made easier.
Ubuntu. work/social/fun/life made easy.
(Note: The first three words appear depending on the ‘type’ of feature I’m showing off)
Variant: Ubuntu. work/social/fun/life made better.
Ubuntu: The future is free.
Ubuntu is the future of OS
The future is better with Ubuntu
Ubuntu computer works for you
@Hadware – I like your idea of the slogan having 3 parts and will try to incorporate this idea.
1) share, community, world, other, us, people
2) free, freedom, open, liberty, unleash (ing), unbound, release, loosen, liberated
3) (R)Evolution, change, power, on the move, better, new, modern, fresh, advanced

To Use or Not to Use – The Word Technology
Pasaprépa and others presented some very compelling reasons to leave out the word technology. I think that Hadware’s idea above helps to resolve this problem. Thus, I will try to create a slogan without the use of the word technology if possible.

A simple yet meaningful message is our goal! I agree with not underestimating people is a very important point. It seems that users understands and acknowledge that their OS is a  frustrating, difficult, unhappy experience but they feel trapped because they perceive that there is no real choice in the market place.  Just a few days ago, my pilates instructor was asking us (her clients) in the class if she’ll be happy with a Mac system as she just can’t be bothered with her Windows any more. Right away several ladies chimed in saying: Oh Yes! You are going to love it- its so easy to use. Then the hmm well I guess I’ll change to Apple what other choice do I have? This idea that you have a 3rd choice is a hard sell. I’ve tried but they are instantly skeptical because its new and its doesn’t have that ‘reputation’. Creating that ‘reputation’  where I’m able to say: Yes, I’m using Ubuntu and my family uses it and my 5 closes friends are using is it powerful word of mouth marketing but how many can honestly say that? I digress that’s a whole other post.  The hardest part is that transition getting from conversation to using. With that we throw in all the ‘new concepts’ that violate their perception of what software should be and now we have mass confusion.

@Emmet Hikory
Agreed! I hope to incorporate all your suggestions and ideas!


I quite liked this podcast and especially found it interesting as to whether slogans are really needed or not in this day in age. One thing that I think a slogan will do for Ubuntu is help create a unified image and idea that can help LoCos market Ubuntu in a positive all inclusive manner. The idea of it being an internal battle cry for those already using and building Ubuntu was also very fascinating.

My next step is to take all these ideas and test drive a few slogans out in our marketing events. I’m also in the process of creating a marketing board I want the slogan to be the centralised theme for this.

I’ll let you know how it goes as the summer progresses…..


4 thoughts on “In Response – Ubuntu Slogan

  1. I like the first two slogans most from your article.
    Those are the most true ones.

    Ubuntu does not always just work and does not make the world a better place (only for those who sit a long time in front of the computer the impact is that much).

  2. I want to suggest another one: “Be simple, be stylish!” , just because Unity is simple and stylish.

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