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I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor!

Randall has been raving and ranting about real release parties and that Vancouver has the BEST parties! Now, I agree I’m going to be bias.

However, I thought to myself it should be nice if you could come even though you are so far away.

How can I bring you to our Natty Narwhal Party?

I simply documented my journey in pictures. Starting from the time I left work, to the set up, to party time.  I put it all together along with photos from other Ubuntu Vancouver party attendees.

An Interesting Note:

Our party occurred 2 days after the Stanley Cup riots in Vancouver.  I know the global media took a very dark stance. The action of a few does not reflect the views of the many. What I also wondered about is if the media came back the next morning and reported on the aftermath. The hundreds of true Vancouver-ites that came out to volunteer and clean up the streets and business that were damaged. Love, Peace and Community just doesn’t sell newspapers these days.

In the video, I walk by the epicenter of the riots and you will see not destruction but messages of love, peace, and community by all the Vancouver-ites who where saddened and outraged to be portrayed in such a negative light to the world.

Enjoy the party and I hope I’ll see you at the next one!

Recommend …
I’ve been using Pitivi Video Editor to create these videos but its been challenging due to the limited functionality of the software. Can anyone recommend another simple and easy to use video editor. Nothing that will take me ages to learn please. Thanks in Advance!

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