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Software Freedom Day – 4 Weeks and Counting

This will be my first time organizing a Software Freedom Day (SFD) awareness campaign. There are tonnes of events and festivities going on in the city and I’m trying to find one I can piggy back off of.  This would obviously amplify our efforts since larger crowds would prefer to come out for a large festival rather than just having a single booth in a random area.

After searching high and low – I found the perfect event! And its in high density primo location here in the city. Park (ing) Day 2011 in collaboration with Vancouver Public Space Network. I hope this all works out… a first time at anything tends to be ‘interesting’ – hahaha…

To all my Vancouver friends – Yes I see the  irony in this.

In addition, this will be our first year to try to get some media coverage either by local radio/tv/papers.

I’ve been reading the SFD start guide and it suggests to have a theme to help keep the promotions and marketing focused. I’ve got just the ‘right’ theme 😉 No not going to tell you yet. Just have to wait till September for the post.

Recently, I’ve been reading up on flash mobs. A kissing flash mob was done here just last Saturday and I was told a few years ago a pillow fight. I wonder if there was some way to create Ubuntu flash mob that would attract people?

Some food for thought.


One thought on “Software Freedom Day – 4 Weeks and Counting

  1. Android is anything but free. Perhaps we need more awareness of how Android traps users in walled gardens, removes their freedom to tinker, and reduces them to mere consumers of a corporate product.

    The false “Android == Linux” mentality which has swept FOSS sympathizers is detrimental to the development of a truly open mobile platform which empowers users, not manufacturers, carriers, and advertisers.

    Android is a disaster, in part because of the tech pundits who whitewashed its limitations after hearing the buzzwords “Linux” and “Google.”

    If the kernel and more software were GPLv3 then Android could not exist. Its incompatibility with a license which requires viral software freedom without Tivoization reveals just how unfree the Android platform is.

    Google is promoting locked down phones to herd everybody into a cattle chute of app stores, behavioral tracking, traitorware, and in-app advertising. All three of those are incompatible with the FOSS movement and do not exist within a free software ecosystem.

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