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32 and Counting…

As of today, 32 is the number of unread personal emails sitting in my gmail inbox. I am drowning in my email and soon it will become a daunting task that I won’t want to attend to. Why do I have so many unanswered emails?

Like most people, I have two primary emails accounts that I use daily. One for work and one for personal. At work, email is the primary means of communication and I can have upwards of 50+ emails a day. Obviously, they are time sensitive and require me to respond daily. By the time I get home and turn on my computer, the last thing I want to do after 8hrs of email is manage my personal email account. And thus the count for my personal email box is now pushing a dangerously high and unmanageable number.

Being the editor of the UVLC Thunderbird User Guide you would think I would be more proficient in Thunderbird and use it daily.  Yes, I read and tested the guide but shortly after the release of the guide I fell on and off Thunderbird email because a few things, just weren’t in my favour.

First, I was mainly checking email on a computer where I wasn’t allowed to install TB and thus just used defaulted to web mail.

Second, have you seen the length and depth of the UVLC TB Guide?!?! Its huge! Who wants to spend hours going through and reading all that?

Third, I have a personal HATE for email ever since it has become the primary mode of written communication. My favourite thing to do is to check the box next to the message and hit Delete. I don’t even open the email 😮 – Yes, I get a strange sense of enjoyment and pleasure out of it.

However, my circumstances have recently changed so I can finally get on TB permanently – Finally!

The upcoming posts will showcase how to join me in getting your email under control – maybe I’ll come up with a Top 10 ‘Bang for Your Buck’ Tips but I haven’t thought that far ahead yet.

Ack! My unread emails just jumped to 38 while writing this! Let’s get started!


4 thoughts on “32 and Counting…

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  2. “Second, have you seen the length and depth of the UVLC TB Guide?!?! Its huge! Who wants to spend hours going through and reading all that?”

    I hope that was sarcasm or I think you guys have some work to do :p

    • A little of both. The guide ended up being much more than originally anticipated and I think that most people would want a few pulled out tips and tricks that they can apply quickly. Which is what I’m aiming for. After that you can refer to the guide if you want to get extra ‘fancy’. 😛

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