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Part 3 – Falling at the First Hurdle

After a small haitus which included a short holiday, rest and recovery, I’m back to blogging. I was planning to post last week but just didn’t feel ‘inspired’ to write. However, this week, after a much needed 3 day weekend I’m back blogging and plan to be more regular at posting. It all sounds nice in theory….we’ll see how it goes. ūüėõ

Being away for so long, you probably thought I must be living blissfully in email heaven!

Well, I wish that was the case, one week after posting Part 2 – My Email Wish List¬†I fell at the first hurdle. A few things were going awry. I had an old gmail account that I had decactived but Thunderbird kept using as the default and thus continued to harass me for a password that was always invalid. I had added in my new gmail account but needed to get rid of my old account. Not too difficult to resolve but not the most obvious to a person with limited technical knowledge. Then I tried to respond to a new email and found out I could¬†receive¬†but not send out emails. Another week was spent trying to resolve this basic sending and receiving problem. On the eve of my holiday I stumbled upon the solution.¬† But prior to that I was starting to become frustrated, agitated and angry. I was on the verge of writing a rant post about if basic functionality such as sending and¬†receiving¬†email from my gmail can not be resolved how on earth am I going to ‘sell’ the idea to get off¬†web mail? It’s just not possible. The only reason I got it to work was because I have patience, perseverance¬†and an genuine interest in solving the problem. I know the majority of end users (Ick! I hate that name – end user) do¬†not have this and therefore I would have lost more than half of the potentially interested people at the very first hurdle.

But I’m happy to say, that from that day forward ¬†– for about 2 weeks now – I’ve been using Thunderbird. My email inbox has exceed 55+ unread and nothing is organized but I now see a small glimmer of hope and light at the other end. On to the next step!


2 thoughts on “Part 3 – Falling at the First Hurdle

  1. Oh, and BTW, setting up an email account on Microsoft Outlook isn’t a walk in the park either. I’m continually helping out my poor friends with their Outlook settings. It’s a mess in there!

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