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Is Ubuntu Global Jam an Event for Me?

If you had asked me this just a few weeks ago, I would have answered you with a strong resounding NO!

What preconceptions and assumptions brought about such a response. Coming from a non-technical background, for me, jams were only for the tech savvy. A day of bug squishing or other techy type events that would leave my head spinning.  When asked to not only participate but lead an event at this years’ Vancouver Jam, I immediately said, ” This isn’t an event for me. You have many tech savvy people who would be amazing event leads. I don’t have anything to contribute to the event.”

Then things started to go sideways. How is that even possible?

Well, first I was told there is a theme – Jam (stuff you put on bread) and Jammies (aka pajamas)? What kind of tech event is this? But that’s not all. Let’s make it day event with a variety of different activities for all levels of participation.

Let’s take a look at Jam Day:

Start with a Cup of Ubuntu (Ubuntu chat over cup of coffee/tea)

Followed by Ubuntu Friendly (Testing your computer to help build the list Ubuntu Friendly computers)

Then light weight, Q&A Talks on: I’ve Installed Ubuntu. Now What?, Unity, Ubuntu Software Center and Audacity.

I was asked to do a talk/demo/Q&A about Unity and Ubuntu Software Center. It was a great way for the participants (and myself) to share information and learn some tips and tricks. We had a great event which included Ubuntu users of all levels and backgrounds and it completely changed my opinion of ‘Jam’.

Did anything happen with the theme you ask? – Jam and Jammies – well….. I think I should leave these tales and photos for Randall and Joe to tell….

Raise a scone, slap some jam on it and I’ll see you at the next one.


3 thoughts on “Is Ubuntu Global Jam an Event for Me?

  1. Yeiih!, that’s something that we in Mexico had very clear, we managed to give points for tacking coffee and cookies (7 points), hug other people (10 points) and share candies =) a complete list here (in spanish):

    It’s all about getting fun =), >_<, sadly our photo in the randall contest dont really reflect this xD.

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