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It’s Here! Gingerbread-y Goodness with Extra Ginger!

What do you get when you mix:

1 Nook Tablet
1 Android Gingerbread
1 Cyanogen(mod) 7

= 1 Happy FrenchFortuneCookie Girl!!

Just as I enjoy the freedom of Ubuntu on my laptop, I desired the same freedom from my Nook Tablet. The array of tablets are numerous, as are the price points. After researching the pros and cons of each – the #1 con of being ‘locked’ in – I grimaced at the thought of it. For me, the Nook Tablet had a reasonable price point and the ‘potential’ for so much more.

It was this ‘potential’ and the drive to not be locked in that I settle on Cyanogen(mod) to give me all the freedom, possibilities and choice I desired from my tablet.

Now my Nook (fondly renamed Gingy 🙂 was free to be everything I wanted it to be and more! Endless possibilities and I have the Cyanogen(mod) team to thank. And what better way to show you thanks than a donation of cash! Yes its coming your way. Along with a delicious assortment of homemade cookies……munch…munch…munch…but if you don’t contact me soon…munch…munch… I can’t guarantee there’ll be any left 😀


Just to let you know it wasn’t as smooth sailing as these instructions make it out to be but overall, it wasn’t terribly complex.


Looking forward to Cyanogenmod 9 but for now I’ll be happy for months with the Cyanogenmod 7


4 thoughts on “It’s Here! Gingerbread-y Goodness with Extra Ginger!

  1. I had a lot of trouble with my nook going to sleep and not waking up without a hard boot and also with wifi. I upgraded to the developmental version of Ice Cream Sandwhich on my nook and those problems went away. I dont have hardware acceleration and flash doesnt work but its a fair trade off as I can browse websites, read books and even play some games like wordfeud, shadow era and draw something. Look forward to when CM9 is complete for the nook

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