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Bugs and Ants

If a problem is called a bug. What’s an answer called? An Ant?

I know…groan. I’m known as the person who makes ‘the best groan’ jokes. To make matters worse, you’ll see me nearly crying with laughter as I feel it’s the funniest thing ever!

I just chalk it up to the fact that I’ve extend my life span by having a good laugh 😀

As promised I went and did a search for each of the items I listed in my previous post – Developer’s Playground.

I found multiple bug reports for all items and most were nearly identical to what my friends and I are experiencing. These have been forwarded on and I hope they at least give some solutions/help to them.

Also found some updated instructions about bug reporting. Don’t remember it being posted that way last time I looked that up. This one was a good read for me.

The most interesting find was the following for my laptop:

Reading the instruction for the track pad was making me dizzy, as its above my knowledge/skill set but I will give it a try tonight. Will need a good meal and some rest before attempting the instructions listed.

Have been taking some action on based on the thoughts from my Down the Rabbit Hole post, will be posting more about that next week.

I hope you will be able to enjoy some sunshine this weekend – waiting for Vancouver summer to come.


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