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Achieve Personal Unity – 12.04 Customiztion Guide

This specially focused guide is for those who have been using Ubuntu for awhile and now feel up to the challenge to tinker with it further. The great thing about this guide is there are two levels of customization:

  • One path is simple, quick, easy and safe to do
  • One path does require more attention to detail and is more difficult

A Word of Warning!
This document contains several warnings;

Heed these warnings and do not take them lightly.

This specialized guide is the result of BCIT technical writer Wai Moi. In addition, Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo would like to thank the following for their suggestions and contributions:
Kip Warner
Joe Liau
Sighmon Butterfield
Brock Riedell
Johann Tan
John Asbacher
Kim Kulak
Randall Ross

Enjoy! Pass It On!


8 thoughts on “Achieve Personal Unity – 12.04 Customiztion Guide

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  2. Fantastic set of manuals Charlene! You have put an incredible amount of work into these, and the result shows it. I will carry the full set, on a USB drive, with me everywhere and make sure that everyone I know who is using Ubuntu has a copy.

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  5. Amazing work guys!!!

    I’d like to translate this guide to spanish (my native language) and redistribute it, can I?

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