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Startup Weekend Vancouver

Being the Marketing Maven for Ubuntu Vancouver, I have tonnes of ‘ideas’ swimming around in my head. But an idea will never come to fruition unless you take action. A fun, accelerated way of putting your idea into action is to go to Startup Weekend.

This is my first time experiencing Startup Weekend Vancouver and I am writing to you now in the mist of the action.

What is Startup Weekend?

Startup Weekend is a global grassroots movement of active and empowered entrepreneurs who are learning the basics of founding startups and launching successful ventures. Startup Weekend provides an unprecedented level of networking, team building, learning, and life changes for its attendees and their communities. It’s a hands on learning experience to put together a business model from start to finish in a condensed time frame.

How Does It Work?

Friday Night

  • You have 60sec to pitch your idea and call out needed skills (like developers, sales people, designers)
  • After all the pitches are complete, every person in the theatre gets 3 votes and can vote up their favorite potential projects
  • Approximately 15 ideas are voted to move on the next phase – this time there were 17 ideas
  • If your idea wins – Round 1 then you create your team and get to pitch for the ‘Big Prizes’ on Sunday
  • Result: My pitch made it past Round 1!! Not bad for a first timer!

Saturday – Early till Late

  • You start to build your business model idea
  • Coaches – Been there and done that. Come to give you feedback, suggestions and help
  • This must include contacting ‘real’ people to ask for feedback – Yes that’s you!! And doesn’t this sound familiar to UVLC Community Street Marketing?
  • We also have to build a landing page to show the Judges we have ‘Fans’.
  • Please help us by signing up here:
    We will not disclose or sell your email information. It is merely for fulling the objectives of the presentation
    . I promise!!
  • Then we have to very quickly hack together a prototype. I know….thank goodness I have technical people on my team to do that 🙂
    Ya Team!


  • Get the Presentation ready – tick tock tick tock
  • Coaches come to give you more help, feedback, suggestions
  • Finish the prototype and pray the demo works when the time comes….tick tock
  • 6PM – Show time! 5mins (including live demo)
  • 2-3min of questions from the Judges
  • Result: Well…’ll just have to wait and see!

What Can You Do To Help?

I would love to do some kind of open source idea next time I come to Startup Weekend but since this my first go I wanted to pick an idea that is closer to my comfort zone.

I would appreciate any feedback and suggestions you can give me. This event is time sensitive – I would need your feedback by tomorrow, Sunday 2pm pst at the latest. Earlier is better.

My idea is called HEALING PEOPLE.
We are helping to find and match alternative health practitioners with mainstream clients.

Below are the sketches of the web page – prototype in progress – literally.
As a client you can:

  • Find healing services
  • Be matched to practitioners
  • Share your experience with reviews
  • Price: Free

As a practitioner you can:

  • Post your profile
  • Price: Free

Customer Leads

If a potential client is matched to you and clicks on your contact button, is $1 a reasonable price to pay for receiving this lead?

You can cap the dollar limit you want to spend on leads.

Or would prefer to pay $5/month for unlimited matched leads form the start?

Would you be interested in the following packages if they were offered:

Personal Plus Package

  • Who are my visitors? (Reporting)
  • Keyword search
  • Statistics and reporting to improve sales
  • Personalize your profile page
  • Price: $10/month

Personal Premium Package

  • All items listed in Personal Plus Package and
  • Online scheduling, booking, signup of customers
  • Online payment
  • Online Small Business Accounting
  • Digital Receipts
  • Financial Reporting
  • Price: $50

Do you feel this pricing is fair? If not what do you suggest?

Is there any ‘must have’ features that you would like to have that I forgot about?

Remember – this project finishes tomorrow so please send me any feedback by Sunday 2pm pst.

Many, many thanks for all your help in advance!


PS. A follow up blog post as to the after thoughts and after math of Startup Weekend – If I survive!


2 thoughts on “Startup Weekend Vancouver

  1. Hi,

    I would think that charging 1$ per each click lead from a potential client might be tricky for the practitioner.

    say: If I’m a client, I got a lead, I’d like to click on the lead just to see (no engagement); the the practitioner who’s got the lead would have to pay 1$ ? What if a lots of such click happened ? That would be many 1$ costs !

    As a registered practitioners, I would prefer to pay a flat monthly fee for registering (like 5$/month) and for each successful client-practitioner match pay an extra-fee (commission).

    Just my 2 cents !

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