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Ladies Learning Code – Intro to WordPress

On the weekend, I decided it was time to sharpen and improve my WordPress skills. Ladies Learning Code in Vancouver was offering an all day beginner’s workshop to WordPress. Perfect!

Prior to signing up, I was quite weary that it might be too programming heavy, but after reading the course description and asking a few questions of the organizer it put my concerns to rest. She reassured me that you don’t need any programming or even technical know-how besides opening your web browser and checking email.

Prior to attending the course you are asked to download the database and WordPress file. They sent instructions for Windows and Mac users but none for us Ubuntu/LinuxMint users L.

I had to ask a friend to help me get the install set up as it wasn’t a simple one or two clicks to get LAMP and local WordPress files copied to my laptop. I’m hoping someone can direct me to a beginner’s guide in stalling WordPress for the LinuxMint user so that when I install my fresh copy of Ubuntu/Linux Mint in a few weeks’ time, I’ll be able to set this up on my own without assistance from a friend each time.

Which was the whole reason I signed up for this course; To be technology independent when it comes to managing my blog which must include set up of WordPress.

Besides that one stumbling block, I really enjoyed the course. I felt that having used the free version of WordPress regularly for the past few years really helped. A few of the ladies, in my group really struggled because they never used WordPress and it takes some time to get use to the dashboard interface.

Since there was a lot of material to cover, the instructor had to go through it pretty quickly, which is understandable. The key things, I wanted to learn was to how to take a pre-existing theme and modify it to suit my needs, add plugins and new widgets. All of this and much more was covered in a comprehensive and supportive environment.

These ‘new’ additional options alone will be enough to keep me happy and busy for quite a long time.

One of the things I really liked is that each group had a max of 5 learners with one ‘technical’ Helper. All the Helpers were female! I thought this was awesome! As the presenter explained the material and gave us hands on tasks to complete our Helper was always there checking making sure we understood and didn’t fall behind it.

After the course, I was so excited to get started on building a new blog for my Body Rolling business and yes in the future for FrenchFortuneCookie.


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