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Startup Mastermind – Everything is Possible You Just Need to Start

Just StartThe next few posts will be a series about the lessons learned from the Startup Mastermind group I have started. I thought maybe others out there that would benefit from the support of creating a community and these posts will journey that.

First let’s give you some background about the idea:

Do you work full time? Are you a serial procrastinator? Seeking that Start Up Weekend urgency?

Talk a lot about your start up but never seem to have time to take action towards turning it from an idea to reality?

Need to inject some accountability to get your start up off the ground?

This meet up is about taking action and contributing bi-weekly to the group. What to expect at each meeting:

  1. Be accountable each meeting for action or nonaction
  2. Talk about success and find solutions to the challenges you faced
  3. Refine your Lean and Business Canvas skills
  4. Success through small steps taken daily/weekly
  5. Bi-weekly commitment to attend the meetup

This is a new idea and we are looking for anyone who needs some motivation to take more action on their start up.

That’s the gist of what the meetings will be about.

The first meeting was limited to just 10 attendees in order to get a feel for those that would be interested in participating. By the end of the meeting everyone was very enthusiastic and geared up to get started. The purpose of this initial meeting was to introduce the accountability group idea but most importantly, to emphasize that only by weekly active participation would this weekly meeting have value for each of the members as well as a group as a whole.

At the end of the meeting, I emailed a short survey so that we could begin creating some weekly accountability (more on this next post). This quick questionnaire was the accountability starting point. Out of 10 attendees who sounded very serious and interested only 2 completed the form. The 80/20 rule is alive and well! From this we realized that making the 2 who are very committed, attend an intro meeting for 8 new member each week is not a good use of their time. Nor does it meet the objective of allowing us to build each week and progress in leaps and bounds. Therefore our next idea was to create an in-take group to determine the commitment level. The 2 that took the initiative, were moved into a separate group in order to quickly build on their weekly progress. In time, we hope to build up a committed and supportive team of 10 people.

Each week, we’ll be using the Validation Board to track our progress and in the future bring in special guests.

The goal of each meeting is to:

1)      Meet the needs of the individual members

2)      Ensure the members feel they got value out of meeting

3)      Listen to that person’s passion and assist each other to take the action needed to be successful.

This amazing Ted talk really captures the art of listening.

And Yes! I’m back blogging!

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