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Are you entering the exciting new world of Techno Chic? These Guides are here to help you answer many of the questions you may have. All the guides listed below are free for you to use and share. Click the image to download a PDF copy!

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Ubuntu: An Absolute Beginner’s Guide

Migrating to a new operating system can be daunting, especially when faced with unfamiliar words like ‘FLOSS’, ‘command line interface’ and ‘kernel’. Many people are intimidated by the technical jargon of a non-commercial operating system and believe it’s too advanced for them. Well, that is simply not true. Ubuntu is easy to install and simple to use.   Best of all: it’s completely FREE!


Achieve Personal Unity – Unity Customization Guide

To Customize or Not to Customize? That is the Question!

Unity (an integral part of Ubuntu) is designed to provide you with desktop features, capabilities, and applications aimed at simplifying your life. But you may ask yourself: what good is a sleek and highly functional desktop environment if you cannot add a personal touch? Or make modifications to suit your working style?

It is a fact that we all have our personal preferences: what works for others may not be your “cup of Ubuntu”1. To Achieve Personal Unity, you may want to look at customizing the look and feel of Unity that will make you say, “Perfect!”


I love Ubuntu

How to Geek

Make It Yours – A Guide to Lens and Scopes

Ubuntu’s philosophy is based on freedom and collaboration. That means that you have the opportunity to truly make your computing experience yours. For the release of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Ubuntu developers and contributors have been hard at work improving Unity, adding additional features and improving the feel of Ubuntu. Many of these new features and capabilities come in the form of Lenses and Scopes.

Lenses and Scopes are a big part of the innovation. Using Lenses and Scopes, you can easily collect and organize all kinds of information, both from your own computer and the web, and display it on your desktop.


How to Geek

I love Ubuntu

Simplify Your Life: Fully Updated for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Whether you are a new user or an old pro, this guide is designed to help you understand what this latest version of Unity is all about.

Unity 5.10.0 is the newly improved desktop interface that come with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. This fresh version of Unity offers users all the great things from the previous version, and now includes many new features. As always, Unity provides an easy to customize desktop for the ultimate personal experience with optimal performance, blistering-fast speed, and unparalleled functionality.


The Catling Mindswipe – Simplify Your Life: The ‘Unity Orientation Guide’ Revised

Full Circle Magazine Issue 65 Please go to p. 47

Liberian Geek

Ubuntu Software Center – Apps for the Masses – 11.10

Your Guide to Getting the Most Out of the New Ubuntu Software Center

Ubuntu Software Center is your one-stop shop for tens of thousands of applications designed for use with the Ubuntu operating system. It’s also your software management utility allowing you to easily view and remove all the software currently installed on your system.

If you recently upgraded from Ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10, you may have noticed a few changes to the Ubuntu Software Center. Gone are the personalized recommendations, the scrolling slide show of new and featured apps, the pathway button navigation system, and the ability to test drive software.

What you’ll find instead is a sleek new interface and if you’re used to accessing app stores with your smartphone or tablet, you’ll feel right at home. Take a quick tour of the Ubuntu Software Center to see what’s new.

Unity – Simplify Your Life – 11.04

What is Unity?

Welcome to Ubuntu 11.04! Upon completing your install (fast, wasn’t it?!), you are now staring at your screen, thinking to yourself, “Where do I start?”

A tiny whisper at your shoulder interrupts your thought. “Don’t worry! I’m here to help!” You turn and find, perched on your shoulder, the Ubuntu Community Angel. She continues. 

“What you see is called Unity. It’s just a different layout from what you’re used to, that’s all! No need to worry. This guide is here to get you oriented! In 15 minutes, you’ll be doing all your favourite things in Unity at the snap of your fingers – surfing the net, uploading pictures, listening to music, chatting with and emailing your friends, or watching videos.”

Trippy? Yes. Easy? Also yes. Let’s get started!


Everything Express – Review: Unity Simply Your Life

Full Circle: The Independent Magazine for the Ubuntu Linux Community – Ubuntu 11.10 and Unity Special Edition

iloveubuntu: Meet “Unity. Simplify Your Life”, a free .pdf book about Ubuntu’s Unity

The Catling Mindswipe: Review Unity Simplify Your Life

All Trick World: [Ubuntu] Unity: A Guide for Beginners

Ubuntu Software Center – Streamline Your Software Experience – 11.04

Ubuntu Software Center is unique in concept and design.  If you recently switched from  a propriety operating system (Windows, Mac OS X) to Ubuntu, you’re probably accustomed to launching multiple applications to accomplish what USC can do alone.

Because Ubuntu Software Center replaces several other utilities on your computer, it helps to streamline your overall experience.  Software management is easier to understand, user safety is improved and less overall space is required to install Ubuntu.

You become in charge of what software you want to download, install, and remove –  all with the simple click of a button!  Use USC to discover thousands of free applications, games, fonts and other software that has been tested and validated to work seamlessly with Ubuntu.  With Ubuntu Software Center, the guess work has been taken out of software management.


OMG! Ubuntu – Free ‘Ubuntu Software Center’ Guide Released

Getting Started with Thunderbird – 3.1

This guide will follow an Ubuntu user, named Mary, who has just decided to install Thunderbird. We will accompany Mary as she installs Thunderbird and then sets up her email accounts. Mary also wants to import her existing email messages and contacts into Thunderbird, and we will see how easily this can be done.

Why Use Thunderbird?

  • Webmail services leave you at the mercy of the webmail provider. They can make changes to their service at any time, or even discontinue it.
  • The features of webmail services are generally quite limited. Mary prefers the vast number of features that she gets with Thunderbird.

Thunderbird – Taming Your Email – 3.1

Are you an email user under siege?

“I have just too much email!”

“Are you sure you sent it to me? I don’t see it.”


Ever use any of these statements when dealing with your email? Is your Inbox starting to feel like a dark and forbidding jungle? It is time to tame the wilderness with Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1.

Mary is an email user with a problem. She has three email accounts, each with hundreds of email messages, and every day Mary receives dozens of new messages. She is suffering from ’email overload’! Mary tries to keep up to the barrage of email, but checking multiple email accounts for new mail, and then deciding what is important and what isn’t, seems to take all her time. Unlike ‘snail mail’, email may save trees, but the forest has sprung up in her Inbox.
Mary needs help!

Gwibber -Master Social Networking

Gwibber is an application that allows you to manage all your social networks in one single window. With Gwibber, you can simultaneously read and post on Twitter. Facebook, Flickr, Digg, StatusNet, Qaiku, FriendFeed,, Buzz, and without having to login to each page.

It is impossible to read all the updates that we received through all our networks; thus, we need a way to filter the information. With Gwibber, we hope to help you gain control of your network so you can make it meaningful and relevant to you. We believe our tools allow you to easily direct your updates to people who matter to you, and hide the post you do not care about. We think social networking should be an enjoyable part of your life, not a micro-management nightmare.


OMG! Ubuntu – New Gwibber User Guide Makes Mastering Social Networking in Ubuntu Easy

Ubuntu Vancouver – New User’s Resource Guide

You’ve successfully installed Ubuntu (or maybe you’re thinking about it), but you’re not sure what your next step is. You’ve got tons of questions, but the internet is only helpful to a certain extent before your searches become frustrating and time consuming.

You think, There’s got to be other Ubuntu users out there. Where do they go when they have questions?

Enter Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo (UVLC), a local community of Ubuntu users and enthusiasts. Getting help locally begins with the UVLC Meetup website. From there, you can access a wealth of resources.

Think of this New User’s Resource Guide (NURG) as a Vancouver-centric document that answers some of the most common questions and points you in the direction of Ubuntu help and resources. It’s an entry point into the world of Ubuntu beginning in Vancouver where we are fortunate to have a wealth of Ubuntu knowledge and talent.


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